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The Tolbert Legacy 2.3

Hello! I have no excuses as to why it has been soooo long. I have been playing the Tolberts, I've just gotten lazy about taking pictures and posting the updates. However, I'm back and I'm going to post the pictures I have and try to do better from now on. So, without further ado, onward to the pictures!

Somebody has abused the doll house. D:

... Nellie I will take that damn ray gun thing from you, I swear.

Nellie: This isn't so bad. Think! Think!

Nellie: Eureka! Freeze the fire!

Sebastian: You allowed this woman to reproduce?

Hey now. She's adorable. And that is all that matters in a legacy founder!

Caleb: Oh me oh my! My hair is too flammable for this!

Nellie: Now kids, fire is bad. Yay parenting!

A cake? Is it someone's birthday, perhaps?

Nellie: Sparkles, 'cause i'm fabulous bitch.

I'm excited to see adult Nellie!!

Oh my gosh! She just gets better with age! -pinches cheeks-

Nellie: -smooches-
Rosemary: Blech! Affection!

Because this game is just so pretty sometimes.

Summer: -works out-
Nellie: Mmm, dat ass tho.

Oh look. Caleb being an ass, like usual.

Hey kiddo. Where you stomping off to?
Rosemary: Gonna cut up all his pictures of mom.

They are still so in love!
No more babies though. Thanks.

Summer takes health and exercise way serious. Serious business and all that.

Look who aged up when I wasn't looking! She is gorgeous~ A good mixture of Nellie and Summer I think.

I'm obsessed with the Ice Cream maker and so is Summer!


Rosemary ain't impressed though.

Aww! A teenage Sebastian!

Sebastian: I must become strong so I can save Rosemary from Caleb's assholery!

Death: -Sigh- Another day, another dollar.

Death: This is why no one likes you, man. This is why you never get invited to parties. You're always such a downer.

Death: Pull yourself together, man. Do some fishing. Relax. You work hard.

... what's this?

Holey moley! :O Another alien abduction!

These two are still super close.

Caleb: No, it's cool. I'll just be over here conversing with the corner.

Besides fitness, Sebastian's other hobby is computers. He has gotten a bit of both from his moms.

So the 'twins' went to the park. Rosemary buddied up with this pirate looking man.

Sebastian: -gigglesnort- Hiii. You're pretty.
...while Bash tried to talk to this girl.

Hm. Starting to think Rosemary likes the bad boy type of look.

I have no idea why I took this picture but i'll put it in here anyway!

Now I know why I took this one. Aren't you a little old to be sleeping in the bed with your mother, Caleb?

Nellie made this cool thingy at work. It's something to do with aliens.

Nellie started a garden.

And this is their new house.

True wuv~

I'm starting to realize how blonde this family is.

Young Adult Caleb is on the way!

... I'm just gonna say what everyone is thinking. This boy is proportioned very weird. Anyway, I'm pretty sure I kicked him out at this point. He ain't heir!

Look! The chick Bash failed to pick up at the park the other day actually came by!
Totally not by force either...

The garden continues to grow.

Just a typical work day with Nellie

She has a new snazzy work outfit too.

It's a trash plant!

He just be up in the gym workin' on his fitness.

Birthday palooza!

YA Sebastian!

YA Rosemary!

Elder Summer!

So... who do I dare choose to be heir?

Oh look! A totally unsuspecting lone female!

Sebastian: -gigglesnort- Hiii. Want to have my babies?
Random Chick: Let me think... Nope!

Yeah, so Sebastian is the heir. This could be harder than I thought.

I want to leave you guys with this picture of a very fashion forward young boy.

Until next time! Thank you for reading!


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