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Legacy Spam

A Place to Post Your Sims 3 Legacy Spam

The Sims 3 Legacy Challenge Spam
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A Place for Posting / Enjoying Sims 3 Legacies and Stories Daily :)
Welcome to legacyspam!

This is a community for posting Sims 3 Legacies and Stories, aimed primairily at people who play often and enjoy updating their legacies more often than most community posting limits allow as well as people who simply enjoy reading the so-called Legacy spam. XD.

Community Rules:
* Currently posting is Limited to Twice a day. However, posting and Membership are not moderated.
* No more than two pictures to be used outside of an LJ-cut.
* No Excessive promoting of your own sims Journal / Personal Journal / Community. Fake-Lj cuts to such places are allowed, though.
* Be sure to include a warning before the LJ-cut if your post contains bad language.
* Links and promos for gear you've uploaded onto the exchange are allowed (within reason). For example, you can upload your legacy house and share it here. :D.
* No drama. This is a place for fun, people XD.
* Pictues should be a reasonable size (e.g. 400x600).
* PostPostPOST! :)

Also, This is a Sims 3 community only. No Sims 2 posts, please.
Also, please bear in mind that this is not a support community, and not here to solve problems or troubleshoot your sism 3 glitches. Your best bet for this kind of advice is most likley the official forums on the website.

Important Links:
Legacy Challenge Rules: *Click*
Not all posts here must follow these rules, they're just linked here in case anybody is curious.